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Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD), as integral components of the drug development process
Introduction to Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology (Part 1)

eLearning training course

30 heures (eLearning)
2090 €
1820 € Dans le cadre du diplôme suivi en Pass'Compétences

Dates de formation

Référence FCS19-0092A :
du 01/04/2020 au 30/04/2020

Lieu de la formation

A distance

Renseignements & inscriptions

Frédérique COSTES

21 Rue du Maréchal Lefebvre 67100 Strasbourg, France
03 68 85 49 27

Sauf le mercredi après-midi et le vendredi

03 68 85 49 29

This training is the first part of the graduate education in Pharmacometrics from the University of Strasbourg

Compétences à l'issue de la formation

  • Recognize different types of pharmacodynamics endpoints.
  • Distinguish different temporal relationships between pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.
  • Able to identify proper class of PK/PD models to describe different PK/PD relationships.
  • Describe examples on the application of PK/PD analysis in drug development.

Prospectives attendees

Pharmacists, pharmacologists, physicians, veterinaries, statisticians, engineers, researchers from academies, and hospital/industrial workers.

Professionals with at least a masters with some experience in drug development should apply.


Principles of clinical pharmacology and their application to clinical development in oncology and cardiovascular diseases :

– The scientific principles, techniques and approaches used to study the pharmacology of oncology and cardiovascular systems at the molecular, cellular, tissue/organ and whole organism levels, including what constitutes good experimental design and how data are translated to man

– The current therapeutic approaches used to treat cardiovascular and oncology disease and their advantages and disadvantages

– Possible future developments in the pharmacological management of cardiovascular and oncology disease.

This course could will be follow to the hands-on session describe in details in module 2: Pharmacometrics: modeling and simulation tools.

Teaching methods

All courses will be in English and be designed and delivered by distance-learning. The e-learning sessions will be held on the DigitalUni platform specifically developed for continuing education.

For technical information and prerequisites, please contact


This training course is an « action d’adaptation et de développement des compétences » (ref. French law). A certificate of attendance is delivered after the course. An evaluation measures the trainees’ satisfaction and the achievement of learning objectives.

Study director

Dr. Geneviève Ubeaud-Séquier, Professor of Pharmacokinetics in faculty of Pharmacy and Hospital Pharmacist – Strasbourg University

Email :

Pass'Compétences Universitaire

This training is the first part of the graduate Education in Pharmacometrics from the University of Strasbourg.

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